Complete the contact form below, attach  substructure plans and send to our team.


One of CELLECTA’s experienced technicians will produce a beam layout to suit the foundation plan & the U-value achieved.


You will receive an email quotation for the complete insuBEAM® system delivered direct to site, along with a price for any required closer blocks


Should the quotation be acceptable, simply email our team, who will issue a beam layout design for the final approval, along with payment options


Each specific plot (insulation, beams and closer blocks) is manufactured, palletised and delivered to suit on a pre-agreed day, with a project pack, including all the information you will require for an easy installation.

Register for our brand new RIBA approved Insulated suspended ground floors CPD

By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:

– Suspended floor issues

– Benefits of EPS suspended floors over beam and block/timber

– Reduction in CO2 and environmental impact

– Health and safety

High Performance Insulation Floor System

insuBEAM® insulation blocks have been independently tested by LUCIDEON Laboratories

insuBEAM® low emissivity foil faced insulation blocks are manufactured to the highest possible specification. Their physical properties are determined under strictly controlled laboratory conditions in accordance with UKCA Standards.

Excellent Thermal Performance

High compressive strength able to withstand foot traffic during the installation process.

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